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Why Would You Need an Access Control System?

An Access Control System may be necessary if your business requires control of personnel who access to your building or certain areas within the building, Access Control Systems provide “traffic control”, by controlling access through doors with the use of electric locks, keypads, card readers and fingerprint readers. The access control system is like a security guard who monitors personnel as they enter and exit an area. Unlike a security guard, an access control system never forgets who passes through an area. The system keeps a permanent record of the date and time of everyone as they enter or leave an area


What Do You Actually Need in an Access Control System?

Each system has their own unique features which requires your employees to gain access using a control card, keypad or fingerprint reader. It’s very important to have a system which will give you complete control of your personnel. An access control system will allow you to limit entry to certain areas by certain people. It will also restrict movement into areas at certain times of the day. This will prevent “off work” personnel from entering an area. The system can be operated locally or remotely. Operating it offsite saves money and eliminates many problems. A remote system will be hosted by American West Coast Security who will provide all of the access cards, printing on the cards and programing employee accessibility