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Michael Miller, founder of American West Coast Security, spent 20 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in California. During this time, he witnessed many victims of robbery, burglary and other crimes. While talking to these crime victims, he realized that many of them were easy targets because they were never educated on what precautions to take. He interviewed burglars who explained how they choose homes to break into, how they broke in and what would prevent them from committing the crime in the first place. He also interviewed robbers who told how they picked businesses to rob and what these businesses can do to keep from being robbed. He witnessed first hand, victims who feared for their lives and who lost their feeling of safety and security. He also saw many lose everything precious to them, items that could never be replaced. He knew he could restore their sense of security and prevent family heirlooms from being taken away forever by sharing his knowledge. A home is the largest investment that most families will ever make. Protecting your family, your home and all the valuables within it, is the most precious investment you will ever make. In 1989, after years of research, Michael began his security business where he could share his knowledge and prevent people from being victimized. Michael said, “Preventing crime victims has been so rewarding for me! What is frustrating is when so many people wait until they have become a victim before they ever get an alarm! It’s sad to see someone lose their sense of security, when it all could have been prevented.” Incidents like the Polly Klaus kidnapping would have been prevented if their home had an alarm system. Installing an alarm before you ever become a victim is such a logical decision. Your well-being and the well-being of your family is priceless! When American West Coast Security installs an alarm, they provide a list of precautions that will help reduce your chance of becoming a crime victim.

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